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Specialised Maritime Studies Program

Specialised Maritime Studies has been an integral part of Rockingham Senior High School since 1991. The Centre for Maritime Studies is unique in the educational system of Western Australia and throughout Australia. Students are engaged in a variety of learning situations and contexts which not only lead to improved learning outcomes across the curriculum, but to higher levels of self-confidence, responsibility and teamwork among the student body.

Students seeking entry to this Specialist Program must pass a rigorous selection process including a swim test. Candidates with sound levels of academic achievement in past reports and demonstrated evidence of involvement in extra curricular activities (or membership in community groups such as cadets) would be well placed to gain acceptance.

Students are contracted to benchmarked academic and behavioural standards which clarify the conditions for maintaining a competitive standing in the Program. The progress of individual students is subject to regular review by the Program Manager in consultation with staff. Further post compulsory Courses of Study such as Marine and Maritime Technology are available to students which lead them to University, TAFE and direct industry employment

Specialised Maritime Studies aims to provide suitably interested and capable students with a springboard to explore aspects of the marine environment which link into an understanding of maritime related vocations. Students will complete a sound comprehensive secondary education whilst simultaneously gaining national and internationally recognised certification in a variety of maritime pursuits. Details of the compulsory Maritime Training Modules are listed below.

Middle School Maritime Training Modules

Year 7
These introductory training modules are aimed at providing students with their first taste of working competently in teams in semi-hazardous environments whilst also instilling the virtues of self reliance and discipline.  Students will encounter the marine environment from an "in-below-above" perspective and commence their skill pathways in aquatics, boating, and sub-aquatics first aid.

     - RLSS Swim and Survive
     - Introduction to First Aid
     - SSI Snorkelling
     - Flat water Canoeing

Year 8

These courses provide further opportunities for students to develop skills to enhance their understanding of - and interaction with - the marine environment. Skin diving and aquatics modules enable students an immediate means of entering the marine world with safety and confidence.

  • Aquatics RLSS Senior Swim and Survive
  • Skin Diving (PADI)
  • Introduction to Sea Kayaking
    Yachting Australia: Sailing Right Level 1

Year 9
These courses are designed to build upon students understanding and experiences from Year 7 and 8 and ready them for further training opportunities in Year 10. Boating courses in Year 9 include the Yachting Australia  qualification and the Bronze Star that prepares students for their entry level Lifesaving Award in Year 10.

  • Boating 1: Nautical Knowledge (studies towards the YA National Powercraft Course) Scheme
  • Yachting Australia  Start Sailing Right Level 2
  • Aquatics RLSS Bronze Star
  • SLSWA Community Surf Rescue Award

Year 10
These modules represent the culmination of all lower school Maritime Training courses and provide a array of opportunities for certification as well as enhanced employment prospects, self-discipline and preparedness for many Senior School educational options. Students can demonstrate their capacity to be fully independent in the 'outdoors' and in situations requiring an adult level of maturity and cooperation.

  • Apply First Aid (RLSS)
  • Open Water Scuba Diving (SSI)
  • Aquatics RLSS Bronze Medallion
  • Yachting Australia (National Power Course)
  • DOT Recreational Skippers' Ticket

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